Coastal Radar Croatia

The Adriatic coastline of Croatia measures about 1,778 km – counting only the  mainland. If you add Croatia’s 1,246 islands, the length of the coastline is  6,176 km. The challenge was to implement a vessel traffic monitoring system for the whole Adriatic sea and the Croatian coast.

Together with its Austrian partners Fleck planned, installed and implemented the whole monitoring system, which integrates AIS data with all the vessel information. For this  project, we installed 10 radar stations between Istria and Dubrovnik. They transmit  data to three regional control centres and a  national one.

Improvement of road safety in Ghana

Although the traffic volume is only 20% of the daytime level, about 80% of fatal accidents happen during the night. Therefore, the Ministry of Roads and Highways planned to enhance road safety and to cut the number of fatal accidents on highways.
During the project Fleck designed a solar powered autarchic LED street lamp that was supplied and installed along the highways. About 1,200 street lights were installed on the most dangerous roads that included truck roads, major junctions and major bridge approaches. Moreover, 250 illuminated traffic signs were installed and local technicians were trained for maintenance. Besides, accompanying measures to raise road awareness were rolled out, like a comparison tour about road safety as well as a road safety program in schools. All these measures have resulted in a decrease of accidents vehicle to vehicle of about 37% and a decrease of accidents vehicle to pedestrian of up to 55% depending on the region.

Solar Powered Irrigation in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe once was the biggest producer of agricultural produce in southern Africa. Nowadays power shortages and cut offs are becoming the biggest problem in the farming industry. The implementation of solar irrigation is the only way for the agricultural sector to supply the high quantity of water for irrigation systems.
Fleck has engineered, supplied and installed solar centrifugal water pumps with a pumping capacity of 50m³ per hour per pump that is powered by a solar plant with a total of 50,000 watts peak per centrifugal pump. To master the challenge of solar altitude and different hours of sunshine, we programmed and installed a solar tracking system for the entire solar plant and a power adjustment system.

Army Hospital in Jakarta

Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. The name of the hospital is derived from Gatot Subroto, a national hero of Indonesia. Established in 1819, the hospital is now the main hospital for the Indonesian Army. The hospital also provides services for the general public. The civil sector has been upgraded to the latest technical standards applying to international hospitals.
Fleck and its Austrian partner together engineered, supplied and installed the electrical and HVAC systems for the upgraded civil sector of the hospital. This part included 11 operation theatres containing medical audio visual system and medical gas installation. Moreover we engineered and installed the power supply and distribution system including uninterruptible power systems for the operation theatres.