Services include / Our offering

Irrigation, lighting, heating and automation – Farming nowadays is more than seeds and animals. With our experience and our broad network of specialists we can find the right solution for practically any agricultural challenge. We engineer a technical solution based on your needs and your environment that results in monetary savings and increases harvests or output. Our services include

Energy technology: Medium- and low voltage installations, uninterruptible power supply, energy distributions, photovoltaic systems, cot lighting

Automation technology: Automation of provender distribution, controlling of solar- powered irrigation systems

  • Medium-voltage installations
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Emergency power supply
  • Energy distributors
  • Clean room installations
  • Installations in historic buildings
  • Safety installations for physical protection
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Street lighting and floodlighting
  • Emergency lighting

Industries we serve

Public Transport and Infrastructure, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverages, Energy Supply and Distribution, Metal and Paper Industry, Agriculture, Data Centers

Benefits for our customers

  • Successful project realization in more than 46 countries worldwide with a strong focus on Africa and Asia.
  • Engineering, installation, turnkey solutions, maintenance – an integrated process from a single source
  • A broad network of specialists ensures the best solution for your personal needs.

Fleck Highlights

Thanks to customized solutions, our technicians have already irrigated hundreds of hectares of agriculture in Zimbabwe using solar-powered pumps.

The entire Austrian meteorological measuring network of ZAMG was installed, expanded and updated by our company.

Our technicians delivered, installed and commissioned an early warning system for floods at the Moputo Dam in Mozambique.